C² Power Polish System

C² Power Polish is an easy-to-use grinding and polishing system which adapts to a variety of floor machines, creating a fast and complete process to finish a concrete surface. Utilizing our superior quality and unique design C² Diamonds, you can now polish a floor up to 1,000 m2 / 10,000 ft2 in a single day using an ordinary power trowel. C² Power Polish also adapts to fit auto scrubbers or even swing machines.


  • Adaptable to fit power trowels, autoscrubbers and swing machines
  • No expensive mounting accessories to purchase and bring to jobs
  • Fast production rates
  • Easily transition between steps with C² Hook Fasteners

C² Diamonds

  • Our unique diamond matrix allows for a long disc life in a variety of grits
  • Available grits (resins): 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500
  • Choose the disc steps to customize the finish you are looking for
  • Larger diamond size equates to less discs needed per machine

  • Introducing C² Flex, a proprietary high performance foam formulated to create stability and even cutting

How it Works

  • Attach the C² Hook Fasteners around the edge of your floating pan / pad driver
  • Place the C² Diamonds slightly outside the velcro line, for easy removal when switching between steps
  • Power Trowels: 48" - 10 discs per head | 36" - 8 discs per head
  • Auto Scrubbers & Swing Machines: 16 - 20" - 4 Discs | 14" - 15" - 3 discs

C² Chemicals

  • Combine your disc steps with the best suited C² Chemicals to fit your project scope
  • Use C² Hard, C² Super Hard or C² Hard Blend after 200 grit to strengthen the surface
  • Finish the floor with a high gloss, scratch resistant polish with C² Seal or a more matte and oil resistant finish with C² Stain Safe

For more information and instructions:

Technical Data Sheet