Step one of the concrete flooring process is to make certain that the surface is clean, oil-free, and free of any stains. Our products are designed for the preparation of concrete floors.


Step two of the flooring process is to harden, densify and impregnate the concrete surface. Our products are formulated with premium lithium technology, creating exquisite shine.


After the hardening and densification process, the floor is ready to be decorated. We add a custom and artistic aspect to concrete finishing, whether through color or extraordinary sheen.


Step four of the C² flooring system is to protect the floor – your investment. Ensuring that the floor is guarded from harmful elements helps to prolong aging and the lifetime of the floor.


Step five of the C² flooring process is maintenance. Regular upkeep on C² floors will extend the lifetime of the concrete, reducing the costs of re-treatment and increase the surface’s longevity.


The 5 steps of the C2 flooring process unify with the proper accessories and equipment. Crete Colors provides a wide range of accessories to increase the quality of your floor and assist with product application.