New C² Protector

By on April 5, 2018. Posted in .

We are excited and proud to introduce our newest, updated formulation of C² Protector. C² Protector's new formula is easier to produce and ship, and is available to everyone worldwide. We have also been able to increase coverage rates, thus lowering the total cost per m² for application.

Our newest formulation, although sovlent-based, poses no restrictions when shipping by air or ocean, and does not require and special declarations for shipping and importing. The solvent we have used is so mild that it does not even classify as "hazardous"

With a wide range of options available for finishing your floor, we developed a Frequently Asked Questions for C² Protector to help you decide if this product is the best choice for your project. See below. Contact your local C² Distributor for further questions regarding this exciting new product!

C2 Protector FAQ