C² Diamonds

C² Diamonds


Our unique 10mm resin diamonds were designed to adapt to a variety of machinery, including power trowels, auto scrubbers and swing machines. We designed these discs to to transform these machines into grinding and polishing machines, eliminating the need for a heavy duty grinder for many types of jobs. These discs bind to the bottom of your machine using heavy duty Velcro adhesive, making switching steps both easy and fast.


Traditional grinding machines are slow, our C² Diamonds, when paired with a power trowel, can polish up to 1000 sq meters in a single working day. Switching out each step is pain free, with our unique and simple mounting process.


Our unique diamond matrix was formulated to give you long diamond life and high performance. We have tested our diamonds on a variety of concrete types / hardnesses. Our diamonds not only last but do not scratch or scuff the surface.

Easy to Use

Crete Colors is continuously advancing best quality standards. By focusing on the highest level of quality, we aim to manufacture the best products offered worldwide. The production plant is state of the art and every order is guaranteed to meet specifications.


By eliminating the need for heavy duty grinders, we minimize the cost of offering a polished floor. Saving time on the job lowers added labor costs, and our durable diamond matrix ensures that you are getting the best life out of your diamond tooling.

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