Philippines Car Park Success Story

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Here is a success story from our distributor in The Philippines - JVAZCO. They worked on the Sunlife Financial Building and Eight Forbes Residential Tower car parks. Both polished to 400 grit. Great work!!

"One of the challenges in working with Car Parks and buildings here in the Philippines is that most establishments do not pay a lot of attention to their flooring placement such as strictly following the flooring guidelines required with Polished Concrete or as simply as keeping the floor away from damage during the construction stage. These misadventures can be improved with proper coordination and communication during the pre-pouring stage.

Also, not too many of the Car Parks here in Manila would be attracted with a highly glossed floor since many building owners preferred a floor that is matte finished or having a semi-gloss finished going after that modern urban look.

JVAZCO Inc. having worked with several Car Park Buildings locally, are trying to make a standard in showing what a sustainable Car Park should be offering and how a Polished Concrete Car Park floor should outlast other flooring options in the market.

We are happy to share that polished concrete floors here have caught the eyes of various building owners, Architects and General Contractors for their Car park flooring needs."

Sun Life Parking - 400 grit

Eight Forbes Parking - 400 Grit

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